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Tired of investing your money in expensive equipment, which you will have little use of ? opt for our services!

Our Comptoir is specialized in the rental of formwork and scaffolding equipment. Our team is at your disposal to fulfill all your needs and assist you througuout your search,
With a detail- oriented vision, we accompany our customers as precisely as possible to better meet their expectations,

We offer adapted technical services for your specific work solutions, your particular requests are among priorities

We are always at your service, . We have put all our expertise at your disposal

Do not hesitate to contact us



A formwork system adaptable to any type of geometry ,specifically designed for slabs, . It is reusable, lightweight and extremely durable with easy assembly and disassembly that guarantees simoultaneously the safety of the operator and the equipment.

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The LGR formwork system is a vertical formwork system designed primarily for square or rectangular cross sections of columns.
The LGR system consists of high strength panels and a plastic surface, making it a cost-effective system with high quality exposed concrete finishes.

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The LGW system is a vertical formwork system designed for the formwork of sails , it is a modular system in most existing dimensions.
It is characterized by a remarkably strong and durable panel design thanks to the painted or galvanized frames.

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Multidirectional scaffolding is a universal prefabricated system, adaptable to any type of work for building, shipbuilding and industrial work.
The rosette system allows an extremely rigid assembly, easy to assemlble and easy to modify after assembly.

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Demande DEVIS Coffrage

Voile: Le coffrage de voile est réalisé par le système LGW

Poteau: Le coffrage de poteau est réalisé par le système LGR


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Dalle: Le coffrage de dalle est réalisé par le système RAPID

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Echafaudage de façade : Echafaudage multidirectionnel BRIO

Linéaire Circulaire


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