• Slab formwork with high performance and maximum flexibility, oriented towards the building sector
  • Designed to make any type of slab, both solid and lightweight, and even those with complex geometries with the presence of falling beams, poles or load-bearing sails
  • Consisting of manuportable lightweight metal beams of great durability, supported on drop heads that ensure quick and safe reuse of components, thereby achieving a high rate on the jobsite with less manpower and material
  • Most of the formwork is recovered after three days
  • High level of safety thanks to the drop head allowing a controlled and safe dismantling and dismantling, without risk for the formers and guaranteeing a good treatment of the material
  • The primary beams and corner beams are rested on the stripping heads which facilitates formwork and stripping.


Transport & livraison

La STMT « société de transport de marchandise Thyna » crée depuis 2001 est spécialisée dans le transport terrestre de marchandises.

De part l’activité du groupe et son étendue sur tout le territoire tunisien, la STMT joue pleinement son rôle dans l’amélioration de la qualité de service des autres sociétés du groupe.