fer intermetal


It is a steel bar used for reinforcing concrete (reinforced concrete) or masonry (armed stone). It is composed of low-carbon steel and has a ribbed surface to improve its adhesion with the concrete.

Concrete is a very durable material in compression, in tensile and shear strength. To compensate for this imbalance. we incorporate reinforcing bars in the mass of concrete intended to take up these forces.
Incidentally, the concrete has a brittle fracture behavior; incorporating reinforcements brings ductility reinforced concrete crack before breaking: it’s a sort of prevention. The masonry with mortar joints, has the same weaknesses as concrete. To improve the tensile strength, can be incorporated rebar into the voids of masonry elements.

Rebar is produced by steel industry and is available with diameters ranging from 6 millimeters to 32 millimeters.
They are then folded by the suppliers according to the plans set by the structural engineer. On site, they are assembled by ligation, by welding or mechanical couplers to form reinforcement cages.

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