For more than a century, architecture witnessed a genuine innovation. Certainly, this came with the choice of materials and techniques.

As a revolutionary commercial leader of construction materials in Tunisia, SCPC HAMMAMI COUNTER continues to offer the ultimate and the most professional services on the market particularly in all that concerns formwork materials.


Designed for any kind of slab, even having complicated geometries with the presence of beams, poles or load-bearing sails

coffrage tunisie

Finish against pole

coffrage tunisie

Finish against Sail


Light component

Manual assembling of pieces



High security level
Economic system

Thanks to the drophead which allows the stripping of form without any risk for form worker nor for the material.

Speed of assembly

The beam grids are designed for a quicker assembly.



High durability for multiple reuses

A large part of this system is reusable in just 3 days after of concreting.